Friday, August 17, 2007

The Prez Sez: Notes from the August meeting

My grass is brown and crispy except for a few places in the deep shade. I haven’t mowed the grass in weeks and, while I don’t mind missing that chore, I do miss soft and green! My tomatoes are producing thanks to several times a week watering, but I would much prefer Mother Nature taking over that chore (as I am sure the farmers would too). It will be interesting to see what the fall and winter will be like.

We had our meeting back at the church and all were met by the sounds of the steel band playing. I must admit that I have never heard John Phillip Sousa’s The Stars and Stripes Forever played on steel drums, but it sounded great! We were given the choir room and didn’t hear anything other than our own voices.

Present at the meeting were: myself, Christine Estacion, Donna Jaffe, Lauri Katz, Lorena Scott, Kathleen Walton and Emily Bennett.

During our discussion about a guest speaker, Lauri told us that CKG has retained Margaret Fisher to do a mosaic workshop sometime in January or February. Margaret’s fee is now $500 for a full day workshop so Kathleen suggested that we combine the groups and split the fee. Everyone thought that was a great idea. Lauri will be forthcoming with information on the time and place (somewhere in Potomac, MD).

We welcome input from other members about this.

That being the only topic for the meeting, we proceeded to the Show and Share:

Dallas: completed a baby afghan for my new honorary granddaughter, an unsatisfactory Christmas stocking, and an Aran sweater that was restarted with a new, lighter yarn

Lauri: pink lace tee-shirt-style sweater, gray socks

Donna: crocheted edge for an afghan for an injured serviceperson at Walter Reed, socks

Kathleen: socks, a shawl and crocheted scarf

Christine: a Debbie bliss cardigan and a Katia crocheted top

Lorena: lace shrugs and a top-down sweater

Emily: brought in two beautiful crocheted bedspreads made by her Great-grandma Caroline! They were beautiful and in terrific shape. What a treat to see something so fine from the past.

Our next meeting will be Wednesday, September 5th at 7:30 p.m. at the church. The topic will be socks, socks, socks! So bring your questions, problems, patterns, completed socks and we will have a great evening exploring this fascinating garment!

See you then!



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