Friday, December 12, 2003

Shawl/jacket/ruana directions

I promised to send the direction to my shawl/jacket/ruana--I'm not sure just what to call it.

It is made up of two rectangles. Put the two rectangles together lengthwise, and sew them together about 2/3 of their length. This becomes the back seam. On the other side of each rectangle, fold them in half and sew this about 1/2 of the length. This forms the two sleeves--leave openings the size that is most comfortable for you.

The size of the two rectangles is chosen by: width determines the length of the sleeves, lengh determines how long the garment will be in the back. Each rectangle is knitted (or could be crocheted) by casting on the appropriate number of stitches as determined by your gauge and desired length, and, at the end of this row, cut the yarn, leaving about 2-3 inches (this will form the fringe, and you want it long enough to be able to tie off). Start the second row with a new piece of yarn, again leaving a "tail" of 2-3" and when ending the row, cut the yarn, leaving 2-3". Change your yarns as frequently as you wish, forming the design.

For myself, I chose size 9 needles, and 153 stitches. My rectangles are 21" x 24".

I wish I could take credit for creating this "design" but it came from a woman who spoke at the Creative Knitters Guild in 1990 when it met at the Bethesda Public Library. Anyone who know who that might be, let me know so that I can give proper credit. I know it was NOT Lesley Solomon; it was someone who's name was not familiar to me and who I had not met before or since. The subject of her program was clothing design for knitting, and she said she did not like to purl, and this could be made without purling.

The first one I made was in many shades of purple and I had a wonderful time finding single balls of yarn in the sale bins, and became very energized as the rectangles took shape. However, when I started a second one in 1990 using many shades of black, white and grey, I was not at all excited, and am still working on the second rectangle.

Jeanne Bohlen

Monday, December 08, 2003

CCK New Year's Potluck Brunch

Hi, the following is a message I was asked to share with you from Debra of the Capital Crocheters & Knitters.


Come one; come all to a New Year’s Day brunch from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. hosted by Capital Crocheters & Knitters at the home of Debra Lee, 6351 Crosswoods Drive, Falls Church, Virginia. It’s a wonderful way to
bring in the New Year together! We can knit, crochet, eat, and share holiday cheer with fellow knitters and crocheters from around the
metropolitan area. It’s a potluck so bring a dish with of course, your knitting/crocheting. Call Debra at 703-354-6351 or email if you plan to come and/or need directions.