Thursday, April 15, 2004

April Newsletter from the Prez:

As I sit and ponder what to write in this newsletter the following question comes to mind: What was going on in the summer of 2003? I think many couples in our immediate worlds were having lots of fun. Of the 14 of us that were at the meeting last week, 7 of us were working on baby blankets for newborns and to be borns! As I drove home that night, it dawned on me that I have even made two blankets this year. Hummm? 8-)

Speaking of those who attended the April meeting – Donna J., Laurie, Dallas, Alana, Kathy G., Donna R., Cassandra, Kathleen, Sharon, Ruth, Mady, Jeanne, and Valerie – it was great to see you all.

Thanks to Alana for her program on knitted bookmarks. The handouts (patterns by Darcey Page) were easy to follow and the samples were lovely and oh, so soft. Several of us made great progress on our bookmarks as we worked through show and share.

In addition to baby blankets and socks (of course), we shared the following: sweater jacket (Donna R.), Wallaby and raw silk scarf (Ruth), reversible stitch scarf (Mady), scarf/cowl/tube (Jeanne), two sweaters started in January (Donna J.), enameled pendant (Laurie), baby socks (Dallas), baby jacket (Cassandra), and an Angora scarf (Valerie).

As we were sharing Alana told us that she is still working on a shawl she is making for HERSELF, though her trip has been rescheduled. She also wanted to show us the project she is making for her husband’s birthday, but he is “watching her like a hawk” and she couldn’t get it out of the house without him seeing it (I think we can all relate to this situation). Kathleen brought in a copy of Knit Lit (Two), which includes Donna Jaffe’s psalm; Valerie told us about her daughter’s wedding in Las Vegas, complete with Elvis; Laurie could not say enough nice things about her classes at Montgomery College, especially the enameling class; Kathy G. asked us how many ongoing projects we all have – we all have too many; Mady recommends taking the auto-train to Florida; and Sharon’s cuff to cuff sweater fits her entire family (all at once?)!

Now a little business:
Kathy G. brought in the sweater pieces to knit together. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to finish one or two. When they are finished, we get to donate them to First United Methodist Church – our host for our guild meetings. Thank you Kathy.

Membership List:
Donna Robb distributed the latest list dated 2/24/04. Please keep her informed of any changes in addresses (snail mail and email) and phone numbers.

May Program:
Genia has asked Ira from Handwoven by Ira to bring in his trunk show. We will also have a Sheep and Wool show and share (I am going to buy something, just so I can share this time). As a result, we will save the original program (beaded knitting) for another month.

2004 Retreat:
Marilyn Riffkin has offered to let us use her 2 apartments in Rehobeth – they will accommodate 7 people. And Mady has offered her apartment too, depending on the timing. Since summer is fast approaching, let’s save a little time at the upcoming meetings to discuss the possibility of accepting these gracious offers for a 2004 getaway!

A few last words:
Before I came to the meeting last month I promised myself that I would go on what Genia calls a knitting diet -- I will not start any new projects until the projects in progress have been completed. Of course, my friend called me the next day to tell me her new granddaughter will be visiting in May, so I have to make an exception for one more baby blanket. Then, Sheep and Wool is coming up soon and I have to buy something for show and share, then I will have something really neat that I want to start. And….. oh phooey -- I fell off my “diet” before I even got started! Oh well, what’s a girl to do?

A couple of events worth noting:

Countryside Artisans tour MD April 16-18

Chester Farms Wool Fair VA April 16-18 and 23-25

**Maryland Sheep & Wool MD May 1-2***

Knitapalooza May 13-16 VA sponsored by Ewe Knit Kits

Shepherd's Purse Alpacas Open House May 22-23