Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Letter from the President2/11/05

Yippee! I got to knit again thanks to: Mady, Jeanne, Sharon, Laura, Kathleen, Donna J., Dallas, Karen, Marilyn, Alana, Genia, Kathy, Christine, Cassandra, and Valerie. I would like to extend a special "welcome" to a returning member: Suzanne, We are glad to have you join us.

2005 Programs
I really enjoy the informality of our meetings when we only have announcements and show and share. We all seem to relax and enjoy each other's crafts. But, I must admit that I am going to miss participating in the March program. Genia has come up with a clever idea that I hate to miss, even if I do get to go to Switzerland!

I hope that everyone is working away on your "bagged" hats. I picked a bag with lots of variegated, chunky wool, so I am stepping out of my comfort zone and attempting a felted hat. I hope it works, but I am afraid that it's going to be too big for a child or entirely the wrong fabric and design for a baby.

Remember, the hats that are donated will be going to Children in Common, an organization that sends aid and clothes to orphaned children in Russia. If you would like more accurate information about this group, please email Kathy Graziani at sockmama@comcast.net.

Please don't forget to contact Genia with program ideas - knitgenia@aol.com.

Show and Share
Kay - I had three items to show this month. I know, I know - they were all scarves, but hey, it was 3 scarves, not just 1 hat!!! I love the umschlag pattern so much that I made one scarf out of a variegated blend I bought in Buenos Aires, one out of Sharon's hand dyed wool, and chunky Wool Ease.

Mady showed us a perfectly adorable child's pullover made out of Kureyon that she is donating to Children in Common.

Jeanne showed us the completed fun fur triangle scarf in greens that she told us about in January; a white vest with horizontal colored stripes, using short rows; and the hand dyed yarns she made at a workshop at Dancing Leaf Farm.

Sharon showed us the latest thing in teen wear - helmet earflap hats (hum??). She was working on fingerless mitts using Kureyon.

Laura was working on a "Valerie" scarf (a scarf knitted lengthwise) in bronzes, blacks, and aqua.

Kathleen showed us her completed Debbie Bliss wool cotton "strawberry pie shawl" which is just beautiful. She also made a winter cap with flaps and an Einstein jacket in hand me down wool.

Donna J. was working on a light green jacket worked mostly in garter stitch.

Dallas showed us a besotted scarf (love the x's and o's pattern!), self-striping socks, and a sweater from Knit Picks Peruvian wool.
NOTE: This scarf can be found here: Besotted Scarf

Suzanne (a returning member) was working on a purple/lavender hat by Penny Straker during the meeting and she is working on a fisherman's knit at home. Her husband modeled a beautiful red cardigan that his mother started and Suzanne finished. While the sweater is gorgeous, the story behind it is terrific! If you weren't at the meeting you ought to ask her to tell you the story sometime.

Karen (a new member) was working on her first project trying to get accustomed to using 2 knitting needles instead of one crochet hook! Keep it up, Karen. You are going to love this craft!

Marilyn was working on a purple sweater and modeling another. She also mentioned that she loved the CKG retreat at The Sanctuary in Beallsville.

Alana wore a pretty red felted hat that she made and showed us a few things that she is working on: another shawl; a scarf using yarn that her husband bought for her (what a guy!); and a yellow baby sweater for guess who? By the way - it's a girl!!!

Genia was working on a diagonal scarf made with kid mohair from Wool in the Woods.

Kathy showed us the cutest finger puppets (they are animals!) and vest that she is making to send to the children in Russia.
Note: Finger puppets can be found here: Finger Puppers

Christine showed us several works in progress - a pink baby blanket; mermaid socks in Regia (very nice); felted Touch Me scarf (boy, was it!); and a hot pick scarf in Plush (Berroco). As we were sharing, I also watched her start and rip out a v-neck sweater using huge needles and Sirdar bulky, variegated yarn.

Cassandra was working on her husband's Aran sweater and a strip afghan.

Valerie showed us a completed multi-yarn, garter stitch shawl, knit lengthwise (yummy reds!). She was working on her "bagged" hat.

Are your dues paid?! If you aren't sure contact Marilyn Riffkin at mriffkin@juno.com.

Don't forget to let Kathy Graziani know when you change your contact information. She is maintaining the membership roster this year. Email: sockmama@comcast.net.