Monday, March 08, 2004

This is somewhat an important message. Whenever I post a "Message from the President" here to the website, I also send it out to everyone who has an email address listed with the Guild.

Lately I've had a few messages bounce back due to inadequate email addresses. Also some members have mentioned that they aren't getting any of the email messages. This could be that your email address is one that is bouncing or you haven't given your address to Donna Robb who tracks our members.

SO if you are reading this message and thinking "hmmmm, I haven't received any email messages" please please please send either Donna ( or myself, Genia ( your email address so we can get this cleared up.

Thanks much, you may now return to your regularly scheduled knitting.

Letter from the President

Knitting with wire - what an interesting concept! Prior to and during this month's meeting I found myself wondering who and why - who came up with such an idea and why? I think it is a wonderful art - as evidenced by the images in the book, Knitting With Wire, but not one that I plan to pursue other than for gifts. I thoroughly enjoyed Jeanne's lesson, handout, and tips, but I found the actual knitting very hard on my hands. But, as promised in last months letter, I am going to make my aunt a really nice bracelet or two with beads for Christmas 2005. Thank you very much Jeanne.

It was great to see Jeanne, Christine, Cheri, Kathleen, Sharon, Laura P., Genia, Donna J., Lauri, Alana, and Kathy G. Donna Robb popped in to drop off the updated membership list and Cassandra stopped by too.

Christine Estacion is the new president of the Central Maryland Guild. Congratulations Christine!

Kathy G. ( asked for volunteers to assemble some more pieces into sweaters for her friend Karen. She will bring them to one meeting and pick them up the next.

Donna J. invited us to join her at Plato's Diner for dinner around 5:30 or 5:45 before each meeting. Platos is located on Route 1 in College Park right across the street from the laundromat. Several people vouched for the excellent menu.

Genia hosts a knitting group the 2nd Monday of every month, at 7:00, in Donna's Café inside Borders Books in the Annapolis Mall. The March group will meet on March 8.

Only two months until Sheep N Wool!! Hurry up Spring!

Show and Share
March Quote of the Month - "he hid them." Alana was quiet upset that she could not find the socks she made for her husband; he liked them so much he hid them from her. And, believe it or not, Alana is actually working on a shawl for HERSELF. It's about time Alana! Genia was also very happy that she finished her steeking stitches - "they are ready for cutting." You have more nerve than I do Genia!

In addition, to learning about "good lessons in gauge" - Laura's wallaby - and "one size fits all" - Sharon's socks and cuff to cuff sweater, we also discussed knitters elbow and fiendishly difficult stitches. As usual, there were several interesting garments (shawls, sweaters, vests) - though the foot fetish in the guild seems to be thriving - we had Fiesta Feet socks, grape socks, sheep socks, Lauri's socks, toeless socks (mine) …

Keep up the good work ladies. I love the show!!!

Meeting time and room
Our meetings will start promptly at 7:30 and end at 9:00. They will be held in the youth room of Ensor Hall, lower level. Park in the lot on the side of the church and enter through the door by the playground.

I know that crafts, like flavors of the month, cycle in and out of popularity, but knitting seems to be here to stay. At least it is getting a lot of press these days. So, I continue to encourage everyone to promote MMK. We have the best deal going - $15 a year buys you more knitting tips and tricks than you could ever get from reading books or magazines and hundreds of years of experience in our membership.

April - Alana will be teaching us how to make bookmarks. Hopefully, she will tell us where to get weightless yarn too. Remember her show and share in February?
Hey Alana - what supplies should we bring?

Things to think about
O.K. I have forgotten to mention retreats for the past 2 months in a row. And, since I don't own a place at the beach or another suitable "retreat" locale I don't feel like I should push. So, if you are interested in a retreat, and have some ideas, please mention it at the next meeting so we can start planning. Time flies when you are stitching with fiber (and wire)!