Friday, January 07, 2005

Letter from the President

Happy New Year to you all! Can you believe it is 2005? Wow, time really flies.

This month I would like to especially thank Christine for coming to last night's (1/5/05) meeting and the December Holiday Party at Mady's house. As you may know, I forgot to include her in the December newsletter, even though she was very much there. Heck, she even parked directly behind me!

I would also like to thank everyone for helping me participate in our first meeting of 2005: Christine (of course), Kathy G., Genia, Dallas, Ruth, Donna J., Kathleen, Jeanne, Myla (Genia's daughter), Lorena, Marilyn, and Valerie. By passing around a sheet for everyone to describe their creations, I was able to knit and chat too. I really enjoyed that.

I would also like to welcome two new members to the guild: Karen Gardner and Kathy Sorci. They came to check us out last night and signed right up. We are good!!!!

2005 Programs

I enjoyed the informal meeting that we had last night. I was able to sit and knit with only the distractions of fellow stitchers, something I so seldom get to do. While our programs are very interesting and stimulating, I am wondering if they should be the exception not the rule. Please let me know what you think about this --

In the meantime, we do need a few program ideas; we only have one idea for the remainder of the year -- knitting with fabric. So please contact Genia if you have any ideas --

Unfortunately, our guest speaker for February, Jennifer from Spirit Trails, will not be able to join us as planned. Instead, we will be working on the "Bagged Hat" project that Genia introduced us to in emails and at last night's meeting. I noticed that several of you brought and exchanged bags of yarn last night. For those of us who were not prepared, Genia will arrange exchanges in February. So, bring enough yarn, in a bag, to knit a baby or child's (up to 4 years old) hat/cap. We will collect the hats in April and the "best liked topper" will win a little prize!

Those hats that are donated to charity will be going to Children in Common, an organization that Kathy G. supports. This organization sends aid and clothes to orphaned children in Russia. If you would like more accurate information about this group, please email Kathy Graziani at

Show and Share
Kay -- a chemo hat using the yarn from "H. E. double toothpicks"! It is actually a boucle type of yarn I bought in Buenos Aires. The finished hat looked neat, but the yarn was a bear to work with. You should see the blanket/shawl/thingy I started, using the same "stuff" and long circulars! I can't find the beginning of it.

Kathy G. -- socks for charity.

Genia -- mittens.

Dallas -- finishing a wave and shell shawl that was supposed to be a Christmas gift.

O.K. Question to ponder: How are retired people so much busier than those of us who work full time. My former boss/mentor/friend barely has time to speak to me and Dallas doesn't have time to finish her I.O.U's. Cheez, I thought I was finally going to get to knit in 20+ years.

Ruth -- socks; and possibly a vest using nice brown yarn bought at an antique store in Michigan. She isn't sure whether she will have enough yarn; she may have to take it out and make it smaller. Hey Ruth, if it's too small it won't fit me!

Donna J. -- socks for her 4 year old granddaughter, Natalie. She also started 8 projects over her holiday break from work. I am sure we will see each of these over the next few months.

Christine -- white cardigan using Red Heart Casual Cotton; pink baby blanket; Touch-me scarf; Noro Iro scarf. With so many projects, and work, and duty, how do you have time to read/edit my silly little newsletter?

Kathleen -- returned to us after spending the last few months nursing her husband through cancer surgery. Fortunately, all is well and she is making socks using Weavers wool and socks for Children in Common. She also showed us a poncho she made for her daughter for Christmas using yarn that she bought online.

Jeanne -- a fun fur and dazzle scarf as well as another fun fur scarf, using three colors worked in triangles. Triangles, hum? That sounds interesting doesn't it?

Kathy Sorci -- Welcome! -- working on a chunky sweater in a navy blue and white yarn. Hey Kathy! Did you know that navy is my color and that that cardigan looks like it just might fit? O.K. maybe it won't fit now, but it will fit in a few more years -- you know, after I lose my baby fat!!!

Myla -- doing her algebra homework (glad it's you Myla and not me) and a bag that she is knitting ("using a pattern") for a swap.

Lorena -- afghan; beaded bags (of course -- she's got "bead fever"); and a scarf.

Marilyn --- modeled her completed vertical striped vest (the colors are yummy!) and she is working on a Mandarin sweater using a pattern she has been trying to get for quite some time and stash yarn.

Valerie -- nearly finished a black multi-yarn, garter stitch shawl, knit lengthwise. These look like terrific stash buster projects, which as Valerie says, you can jazz it up every now and then with a little "eyelash".

Annual dues are due! Please bring a check to February's meeting or contact Marilyn Riffkin at Fortunately, our dues are still very reasonable. Where else can you get so much advice and help for only $15 a year?

Kathy Graziani will be maintaining the membership roster in 2005. If you have any changes to your information please contact her at

Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Springwater Fiber Workshop ( is sponsoring learn to knit and crochet events using kits designated for the support of breast cancer cure and research. 100% of all funds from kit sales will be donated. We’re looking for crochet and knitting instructors to teach new students how to knit or crochet using the materials provided in the kits. All instruction will be provided free of charge. Instructors are invited to attend all or part of both days. The event will take place on two Saturdays, 8 January and 15 January, from 1:30 pm until 4 pm. Please pass the word to those wishing to teach and those interested in learning. This is a great opportunity to get the basics for a very low cost.

Point of contact for additional information is Sue Wroton (

Thanks so much for your time.