Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Knitted Quilt Squares

All squares are worked diagonally, starting from one stitch. This
is different from the methods you will find in many knitting books
but it gives you a mathematically perfect square and you may
want to use some properties of the square in your Maths work.

1st row: Make a slip knot and knit into it twice (once in the
front, once in the back).

2nd row: Knit the first stitch, knit twice into the second.

3rd row: Knit the first two stitches, knit twice into the last.

4th row: Knit to the end, knitting twice in the last stitch.

You should now have a small triangle.

Repeat 4th row until the triangle fits the template up to the
diagonal line. Every two rows will add one ridge to the triangle.

Different knitters will need different numbers of rows and will
have different numbers of stitches on the needle at the widest
point of the square. The numbers of stitches and rows are

How do I make the squares?

When the triangle is the correct size, change to the second
colour and knit one row. (See mathematical note) Continue knitting
but knit together the last two stitches of every row, instead of
increasing. The second half of the square will start to taper to
a point to match the first half.

When two stitches remain, knit them together and fasten off, by
pulling the end of the yarn through the stitch.

Remember, you are knitting to the template not to gauge. Please contact me for a template if you didn't get one at the meeting.