Friday, January 02, 2004

A change in venue for our January meeting. We're being "bumped upstairs". Here's the information:

We will be meeting in room 204 for this month- it is directly above the room we currently meet in, so if people enter from the front of the church (by the sanctuary) they would stay on that level and make a left down the hall the room is #204 on the right. If they enter from the far end of the church (right by our room and the playground) they would come up the outside stairs and go in the double doors, the room is on the left. I will be there early w/ signs. Very sorry for the inconvenience, but the church is hosting"Safe Haven" a traveling winter homeless shelter in January and they use Ensor Hall and the youth room because there is a kitchen at that end of the church so they can feed folks. We'll be back to our regular room in February. If anyone has any charity projects (hats , gloves, mittens, scarves) that they will have finished by then and wants a place to donate them, I know this program would appreciate them.