Friday, January 19, 2007

The Prez Sez: Notes from the MMK January Meeting

We had a good turnout and covered lots of guild business at this meeting, not to mention knitting!

Present at the meeting were myself, Jeanne Bohlen, Christine Estacion, Kathy Graziani, Karen Hogan, Donna Jaffe, Lauri Katz, Vicki Loop, Suzanne Reed, Marilyn Rifkin, Lorena Scott, Mady Segal, Jinny Townsend, Kathleen Walton, and Emily Bennett.

Dues were collected, which precipitated a comment from Marilyn that we had money in the bank. Aside from making our annual donation to the church for the use of the space, we need to think of ways to effectively use the funds. It was suggested that we have another workshop and several suggestions were made for teachers. If you have any ideas, please forward them to me or Marilyn or bring them to the next meeting.

There was also discussion about finding a new meeting place. Vicki told us of a new yarn shop opening soon on the corner of Gallatin St. and Rt. 1 in Hyattsville. This is always exciting news for knitters but even more so for us if we can meet there. It is a win-win situation for both the guild and the shop owner, as we will no doubt find things to buy while browsing before the meeting. Vicki will investigate and report at the next meeting.

Lauri announced that the Creative Knitters Guild retreat would be held at The Sanctuary on President’s weekend. There is still space if anyone is interested.

Mady said a four-hour “socks” workshop is open to the public and will be conducted by Mary Stevens at a cost of $60. This will take place in Shepherdstown, WV. For more info, contact Mady.

We discussed the 2007 Stitches East and the feasibility of hosting a hospitality suite. I volunteered to contact the Stitches folks to see which hotel will be the most convenient. We will continue the discussion at the next meeting to determine whether we have the funds to rent a room for our guild alone or whether we should include other local guilds to share the cost, etc.

Corrections were made to the membership list. I will have copies to distribute at the next meeting.

As always, we wrapped up the meeting with Show and Share:

Dallas: STILL working on the baby blanket

Donna Jaffe: socks, a Manos pullover, the Chanel jacket with one handspun and two other yarns

Lorena: socks from the toe up with the Magic Loop method

Christine: more fingerless mitts; a top from Sandra in Gedifra yarn; red, white and blue socks; a new knitting bag; scarves in Noro Iro (whew, she makes me tired just typing this!)

Jeanne: a beaded purse

Jinny: forgot her knitting and worked on a washcloth with Vicki’s yarn and needles (can’t waste good knitting time even if you don’t have anything with you!)

Vicki: a bubble lace curtain sweater for herself!

Marilyn: coming down the home stretch with the sweater from Hell!

Karen H: socks

Kathy G: didn’t write anything down and I can’t remember what she showed

Kathleen: socks, a scarf from the Arctic Lace book, a Celtic pullover

Mady: a new vest from Rio (pattern is free from Takki Stacy Charles), another red scarf for the Red Scarf Project

Lauri: completed the sweater and hat for her granddaughter and is in the process of doing a baby afghan for her daughter’s best friend, pink lace socks in progress and completed black socks (on her feet)

Suzanne: variegated socks, completed the toddler sweater and hat, still working on a fisherman knit for her husband

Emily: Cross-stitch

Next meeting: Wednesday, February 7, 2007 at 7:30 p.m. at the church.

See you there!