Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Prez Sez: Notes from the MMK September Meeting

As of September 21, we welcome Fall, my favorite season! I love the crisp weather (with no humidity!), the changing leaves, and the crisp, tart apples. It is also a time to start wearing our sweaters and for enjoying the warmth of that afghan or shawl in our laps as we knit away.

I started my new job the week after our last meeting. I am very glad it is only for three days each week. It is cutting into my time to knit, workout, take walks with my dog, etc., but it is also giving me the opportunity to do something important for the community. It is also the reason I am doing this newsletter the week before the next meeting. Actually I like to think that it gives the membership a fresh reminder of what we accomplished.

Excuses aside, here are the minutes:

In attendance were Jeanne Bohlen, Christine Estacion, Kathy Graziani, Karen Hogan, Donna Jaffe, Lauri Katz, Lorena Scott, Mady Segal, Kaathleen Walton, Jinny Townsend, and Vicki Loop.

I reported on the Stitches Hospitality Suite. The hotels attached to the Convention Center were completely sold out and the others were farther away than was practical for hosting a suite. Mady had a room that she secured early on and, due to her surgery, may not use. We discussed taking it from her for use as the hospitality suite. We will discuss this further with Mady.

We discussed the programs remaining for the year. For October Marilyn Riffkin was going to do coiled baskets; there was nothing for November except Stitches; December is the holiday party to be discussed.

For Announcements and Items of Interest, Lauri told us about Lahara Textiles now owned by friends of hers. She will bring brochures to the next meeting. Jeanne announced that the Potomac Craftsman’s Guild will be having a knitting workshop on November 12 and 13. She will provide additional information as she gets it.

I brought up the Red Scarf Project as a possible charity project. I have the letter from Lily Chin and directions for a scarf of her design if anyone is interested. I also mentioned a presentation “Exploring Blue Dye in Textiles” that was brought to my attention by Genia. I passed this info to Lauri as a possible program.

Donna Jaffe gave a very interesting presentation about constructing a top-down sweater with simultaneous set-in sleeves. She brought garments in several stages of completion and had handouts for all present. Donna’s sweaters are always beautiful and we appreciate her sharing her expertise.

We observed a moment of silence for Vicki who had to frog her project for the first time!

On to the Show and Share report:

Dallas: still working on the sweater sleeves for my Granddaughter’s Christmas gift

Christine: a Tunisian crochet bag, miscellaneous socks, a wool pullover for Christmas and a cotton knit/crochet top

Karen H.: Einstein jacket and finishing up her black shawl

Lorena: a baby afghan and a new bead crochet project

Marilyn: a baby sweater

Jinny : a lace shawl and merino sweater

Kathy G: Einstein coat and an alpaca shawl (she also reported on the birth of two new alpacas for her herd)

Vicki : child’s bulky sweater

Lauri: Einstein jacket and turquoise socks

Kathleen: more socks and finishing a shawl

Mady: baby blanket from Rio from her stash (she is on a yarn diet)

Jeanne: a Judy Pascale designed beaded shawl and woven v-shaped shawl with yarn from her stash

Next meeting: October 4, 2006 at 7:30 p.m. at the church!

ATTENTION – CHANGE IN OCTOBER PROGRAM –Marilyn Riffkin will be unable to attend the October meeting so we will NOT have coiled baskets as our program. Marilyn said she will be happy to do it in November.

As an alternative, we will have an open discussion and sit and knit session for October.

Until then,


August Newsletter. Sorry folks, I have somehow misplaced the newsletter for August but will have it posted as soon as I can sort through the mess that is my email box.

Many apologies!