Monday, December 13, 2004

Letter from the President

Happy Holidays to All!!

Thanks to all those who came to the Holiday Party at Mady's house on December 1: Alana, Genia, Jeanne, Kathy G. (and Boris), Sharon, Lorena, Ruth, Dallas, Marilyn, Donna J., Valerie, Christine, and Lauri. And, a special thank you to Mady (and her husband and Lily) for making us all feel so welcome as we took over their kitchen, dining room, living room, and den. We had a delicious assortment of food, including enough desserts, and lots of interesting gifts!

Good news, there will be few changes at MMK in 2005: I humbly accept your nomination to continue as president. Marilyn (Treasurer), Donna J. (Publicity), and Genia (Website and Programs) have agreed to continue in their positions. Kathy G. offered to take over the membership roster. And, I hope that Kathleen will continue on as librarian and Sharon will convince the church to let us continue meeting there in 2005.

2005 Programs
We need more ideas, 9 to be exact!

In January we will be "sitting and stitching" knitted baby items (wool) for charity. All completed items will be going to Children in Common, an organization that Kathy G. supports. This organization sends aid and clothes to orphaned children in Russia. If you would like more accurate information about this group, please email Kathy Graziani at

In February we will have a guest speaker: Jennifer from Spirit Trails in Virginia. Please contact Genia Planck at for information about this program.

We have one idea for the remainder of the year -- knitting with fabric. We also need ideas for the remainder of the year. While I vote for "sitting and stitching" (I never get to do it otherwise), I don't think that is very interesting for everyone else. Please think of some ideas and let's discuss them in January.

Show and Share
Starting in January I will be passing around a sign in sheet so that everyone can describe the items they have brought to share with the group. I hope that this will allow for two things: 1) more accurate descriptions from me in the newsletter and 2) time for me to actually knit! I would also like to encourage everyone to share only new projects in order that we may have enough time for a program, show and share, and possibly a little instruction.

Your annual dues are due! If you didn't have a check at the Holiday Party please bring one for $15 made payable to Maryland Metro Knitters or MMK to the January meeting. Or if you would rather, you may contact Marilyn Riffkin at

Kathy Graziani will be maintaining the membership roster in 2005. If you have any changes to your information please let her know.

I wish you and your families a very safe and happy holiday season!
I look forward to seeing you in 2005!!!