Monday, June 26, 2006

The Prez Sez: Notes from the MMK June Meeting

We had the family over on Saturday afternoon for a “Yippee, it’s summer” party. My husband obtained a brand new, professional quality volleyball set and spent most of the morning getting it set up. We had a great game going and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves for the entire 15 minutes that it lasted before the thunder, lightening and rain blew in!! As I write this, the rain continues to come down steadily. We certainly had a long run of wonderful weather, and we did need rain, however . . . . . .

Our June meeting was called to order at 7:30 p.m. In attendance were Jeanne Bohlen, Christine Estacion, Kathy Graziani, Karen Hogan, Donna Jaffe, Lauri Katz, Ruth Kelly, Marilyn Rifkin, Lorena Scott, Mady Segal, Suzanne Reed, Kathleen Walton and Emily Bennett.

Old Business:

1. I need to get in touch with Genia to answer the question, “What is the status of the blanket we knit the squares for??” We all want to help get it completed and in the hands of the recipient.
2. I had promised to bring in an updated membership list; however, I discovered that I had neglected to transfer the new info onto the list in my computer, sooooo, I will have copies of the updated list at the July meeting.

New Business

1. We discussed whether to have meetings in July and August since vacations often clash with meeting dates. We took a hand vote and found that a fair number would still come so we will have them. There will be no formal program, just sitting, knitting and talking.
2. Other program topics were discussed and decided on.

Our skill of the month was, again, to be the three needle bind off. However, we ran out of time and decided to postpone it until the fall..

Our program was to share our goodies and experiences at the Sheep and Wool Festival which we did. We also had the traditional Show and Share which follows:

Show and Share details:

Jeanne Bohlen: her Einstein jacket

Kathleen Walton: Iowa flow socks and jaywalker socks

Christine Estacion: Sandra top, socks and starting a new baby blanket

Donna Jaffe: continuing work on her summer sweater with cables and bobbles

Lauri Katz: a baby blanket and sweater for herself

Ruth Kelly: continuing work on the rust colored silk and wool sweater and socks

Marilyn Riffkin: a baby sweater/shawl

Karen Hogan: her Einstein jacket

Kathy Graziani: a Maryland alpaca vest

Lorena Scott: another lace washcloth and a crocheted bead necklace

Mady Segal: a small multi-color rayon blanket

Suzanne Reed: a vest and an Aran sweater for her husband

Emily Bennett: continuing work on the calla flower cross stitch

Program: Sit, knit, talk and enjoy!!

Skill: Nothing until September

See you at the next meeting: Wednesday, July 5, 2006 at 7:30 p.m.

Have a safe and enjoyable 4th of July! - Dallas