Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Letter from the President5/25/05

I admit it - I have been a very bad MMK president this month - I have now missed my self-imposed deadline for this letter by 2 weeks. The good news, however, is that I am stitching a whole lot more these days. In addition to keeping my yard under control, cleaning my house, and taking several day trips, I have also completed several projects and started 2 others that I know I WILL FINISH. I have also gone through my stash and faced some hard truths about what I will and will not make in the near future. By doing this, I now have several yummy yarns that will turn into simple, yet fabulous gifts, for my "girlie girl" nieces. So, I guess I haven't been that bad!!!

I can't tell you all how much I enjoyed the May meeting. I was absolutely thrilled to see you all moving around, admiring each other's work, assisting others, eating yummy WW muffins (thanks Marilyn), and signing the bags for Valerie and Laura. Thank you to Jeanne, Donna J., Emily, Christine, Ruth, Kathy, Karen, Mady, Kathleen, Sharon, Lauri, Laura, Dallas, Marilyn, Valerie, Cassandra, Genia, and Myla for making this such an enjoyable evening.


Alana's little girl is due very soon, if she isn't here already. Please keep mom and daughter in your thoughts.

NOTE: May 26 at 1:53pm Sidney Elizabeth was born to Alana and Jeff!

Laura Pacha and Valerie Smith attended their last MMK meeting in May. Or, so they initially thought. Each of them told me they may see us at the June meeting. If nothing else, I saw them both at Sheep & Wool. Valerie was definitely on a mission. I didn't even bother to say hello until I saw her standing still outside one of the barns.

Speaking of S&W, don't forget to bring your treasures to the June meeting."Chicks With Sticks, Maryland Metro Knitter's Guild Newsletter" - if you have anything that you would like to include in our new fancy newsletter send it to Genia. Wouldn't it be neat to have something we can use as a promotional piece.

2005 Programs

June - Show and share of S&W purchases. I am looking forward to seeing some yummy stuff.

We will also continue to work on our group project -- "Tilting At Windmills", a knitted quilt. I have made my 4 "blocks", but will gladly make a few more. They are very simple and quick. If you have made your blocks too, please bring them to the June meeting so we can see how much progress we have made. Don't forget, Genia is always looking for more program ideas. Send her a message if you think of any --

Show and Share It was a quick show andshare, but full of wonderful projects.

Kathleen was making progress on her Bemidji wool sweater.

Sharon was working on a mohair cardigan from the top down.

Lauri was working on "The Ultimate Tee" from Laura Bryant and Barry Epstein. This "t-shirt" is knit from side-to-side.

Laura was working on a CIC sweater and kool-aid dyed yarn socks for her husband.

Jeanne finished sewing a shell during the meeting. And, she showed us several samples from Katheryne Alexander's 2-day Entrelac Workshop.

Dallas was working on the front piece of a purple wool cardigan - the back and sleeves are done! She was also working on a denim colored prayer shawl.

Marilyn continued to work on her original sweater design that includes mitered corners.

Donna J. showed us a spring hat and scarf set made in a yummy pistachio green color; copper colored wool sweater; and a t-shirt being knitted in green and blue bamboo.

Emily continued to working on Debbie Mumms' cross stitch kit #72929 - "Patchwork and Buttons Rooster" which she will be giving away as a baby/housewarming gift.

Christine showed us the cuff of a sock begun with a tubular cast-on and her "chicklet" sweater in progress knit out of a mix of Katia Ola and Rumba.

Ruth was working on a kelly green cable sweater for her granddaughter and socks for her husband.Kathy was working on a shadow butterfly shawl.

Karen was working on a knitted (not crocheted!) baby blanket. Go Karen!!!

Mady showed us a child's top down pullover of Noro Kureyon that she donated to Children in Common. She also showed us the completed round/square/oblong blanket - the one started in the center, increasing as needed, knitted on small needles. She is giving it to her daughter's best friend to replace her childhood "bancu."

Cassandra showed us another panel of the afghan that she plans to finish in June.

Valerie is working a green Fair Isle hat that she will donate to Children in Common.

Note from Genia: I need some reviews for the Newsletter. Have you knit with a wonderful yarn or a terrible yarn? What about a great yarn shop? Mady, could you write up a bit about Mary's shop? I know it's not a yarn shop but there are knit related items there. Send reviews to me here:

Also, anyone needing yarn for the knitted quilt but aren't going to be at a meeting anytime soon please send me your address and I can send the materials to you.

Next meeting: Wednesday, June 1, 2005