Friday, June 11, 2004

Letter from the President
June 3, 2004

It was great to see Alana, Laura, Donna J., Lauri, Mady, Jeanne, Ruth, Christine, Kathy G., Sharon, Genia, and Beth on Wednesday, June 1. As usual we had a great evening chatting and stitching. This month we also had two programs

Thanks to Genia for bringing the trunk show from Bonnie Franz. I didn’t have a chance to check it out (I will do that at Border’s on Monday, June 14), but I did notice how exquisite and intricate the designs are. I am delighted that several of you took the time to really exam the show. As promised, I “redeemed” our gift certificate today by emailing Bonnie. We will receive our first issue this summer.

Thanks also to Sharon for teaching us how to bead utensils. I thoroughly enjoyed myself even though I am not thrilled with the finished product (remember – that was the theme of the evening). But, now that I have the skill I will work on being a little more creative with the beads and the blebs!

Show and Share was interesting this month. I think Genia’s comment sums up the consensus for the evening: “When it gets to be tedious, it’s no fun!”

As I was diligently taking notes, and making a beaded utensil, I heard lots of negative comments, which is so unlike this group I took special notice. The reasons? I haven’t a clue. Maybe the season, maybe the full moon. Either way, despite words to the contrary, the projects were lovely as usual.

Alana finished another beautiful shawl, this one for herself! She also started another shawl and ended up with a child horror story, involving one 18 month old (hers) and a not so good hiding place in her living room. Not to worry the child is O.K., but the shawl is no longer. Maybe by the next meeting Alana will have started it yet again AND found a better hiding place!

Laura started working on a round trip sweater from “Knitters Magazine.” She also showed us the Knit Kit she ordered from the Red Cross website. I thought it was such a neat idea I ordered one today, so that I could make the socks for my father’s birthday in August (yeah right!!!). What a wonderful fundraiser idea! We should all spread the word on behalf of the Red Cross.

Donna J. solved her husband’s favorite sock problem – she made him a new pair. She also tried knitting a novelty scarf using Eros, and after much ado, decided she didn’t like working with it. So she made a scarf long enough to go around her neck and quit. She also showed us a beautiful yellow lace prayer shawl that she is in the process of making for herself!

Beth is working on a garter stitch shawl using a lovely variegated mohair.

Lauri mentioned her yellow, cotton/acrylic sweater with the eyelets only to tell us that it’s hot – not in the “I am so fashionable” sense, but in the “I am sweating like a piggy” sense! She showed us her new project – a pink, two piece, cable sweater – each piece, one for the front, and one for the back, includes the sleeves. That is my kind of sweater. Lauri, where did you get the pattern?

Mady has been busy too – she is in the process of finishing one scarf using “Dune”, with plans for another scarf out of the same yarn. She also finished her baby vest – what a cutie – and a felted bag from “Two Old Bags”.

Jeanne is working on a shawl similar to the one she finished last month. This one is in shades of black, white, and gray. She also made a scarf using a combination of fun fur and purple yarn.

Ruth attempted to locate more Black Sprinkle yarn on eBay and missed 3 balls (enough to finish her project) by three days. She managed, however, to almost finish the Wallaby by using a solid black yarn. It really looks wonderful! The solid and mix colors really make for an interesting and original fabric. She is also making a pair of felted ballerina slippers and Regia socks.

Christine asked for suggestions on how to fix her “too shallow felted bag”. The answer: line it to make taller. She started working on the “pain in the butt bag” for which her mother has already made a lining. When I asked her why it is a “pain” she said the cotton/nylon blend is very difficult to use and physically “hurts” to work with. Silly me, I thought it was the pattern!

Kathy G. made a scarf using Berrocco. She actually made it several times and didn’t like any of the results. Needless to say, she like Donna J., doesn’t know what she is going to do with the remaining yarn. She also finished working on her stretchy socks, but isn’t sure whether she likes them because she can feel the ridges.

Sharon is “sick of the tank”, finished 1 and ½ socks for the kid who has already gone to camp, hasn’t finished the gigantic baby blanket, and is working on a silk garden scarf which will be as long as the yarn lasts! She also shared three books with us which she got from Crafter’s Corner: “Simple Socks,” “Knitting in the Old Way,” and “Felted Knits.”

Genia brought in her daughter’s knitted flip-flops, made out of 2 yarns, one of which is fun fur. While we were showing and sharing she nearly finished her own pair of fuzzy flops. And, she is working up to cutting the “sweater from hell”, but only after she has made a trip to the liquor store and a few other things I didn’t note.

Marilyn is still working on her short sleeved sweater and she was wearing a very pretty “elderly” sweater of her own making. Now she is off to camp. Have a wonderful summer Marilyn. We look forward to seeing you in September!

Meeting time and room
Our meetings start promptly at 7:30 and end at 9:00. They are held in the youth room of Ensor Hall, lower level. Park in the lot on the side of the church and enter through the door by the playground.

Don’t forget to promote MMK to everyone you meet. I think we are an exceptionally diverse and supportive group that has much to offer to anyone with aspirations towards knitting. And, we truly do have the best deal going – $15 a year buys you more knitting tips and tricks than you could ever get from reading books or magazines and hundreds of years of experience in our membership.

July – Genia will be asking for program ideas. What do you think of fuzzy flops or beaded bags?
Don’t forget the retreat, tentatively scheduled for November 12 thru 14. Let’s discuss this more at next month’s meeting.