Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Letter from the President

I have named February 4, 2004 Sock Night. Thanks to Lauri for all the tips and pet peeves (my favorite part). Most of us "achieved heel" (thanks to Dallas for this new phrase), some of us without holes in our gussets! Now, if I could only "achieve toe".

I spent several hours this weekend knitting and ripping out the foot of my sock - I had a hard time getting it the right length. Then, when I attempted to do the kitchener stitch on the toe I had to rip it out again because I couldn't get that right. So, I gave up. Now, I have 1 ½ socks, one of which is toeless. Lauri - Help!

It was great to see Genia, Dallas, Kathy, Beth, Kathleen, Sharon, Cassandra, Jeanne, Donna R., Marilyn, Donna J., Lauri, Alana, and Valerie. As usual, the show and share part of our meeting was inspiring. There were several sweaters, mittens, scarves, bookmarks, and shawls. As usual, I am drawn to the simple, quick projects -I plan to make several "kitten soft" scarves (Marilyn) and at least 5 pairs of mittens (Sharon) as Christmas gifts. But, who knows what I will make after I see March's show and share!

Finally, thanks to Genia for setting up programs for every month this year. Her perseverance paid off -- we have several lessons and a trunk show. And, thanks too, to Donna R. for the February find of the month - orange sticks (cuticle sticks from Sally's Beauty Salon) at bargain prices (.59 each). They make perfect double point needles, sizes 6 and 11.

Now, down to business:
Meeting time and room
Our meetings will start promptly at 7:30 and end at 9:00. They will be held in the youth room of Ensor Hall, lower level. Park in the lot on the side of the church and enter through the door by the playground.

Knitting is everywhere these days. I see and hear references to it all of the time. So, don't forget to tell your friends about MMK. We have the best deal going - $15 a year buys you more knitting tips and tricks than you could ever get from reading books or magazines. The combined number of knitting years in our group has to be into the hundreds. That alone is invaluable!

March - knitting with wire. I can't wait for this program either! My aunt's birthday is in May. I know she will absolutely love a knitted bracelet. So, look for the list of supplies on the website soon.

Things to think about
Retreats anyone? Let's talk about it at the next meeting.

March Meeting: Needed Materials for wanting to participate in wire knitting:
Size 6 needles -- use a pair that you won't mind getting scratched up.
Spool of Wire -- best gauge is 26

Sources for Wire: Michaels, AC Moore, most Bead Shops. Anyone not able to find or get out to find wire please contact me ( I love going to Michaels and look every opportunity to go.