Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Letter from the President

It was terrific to see so many familiar faces this month. Welcome back Lauri, Donna R., Marilyn, Mady, and Valerie -- we missed you guys! I was also delighted to see Jeanne, Dallas, Kathy G., Genia, Sharon, Donna J., Laura, Lorena, Christine, Kathy G., and
Alana. If you count Lily, Mady's new toy poodle, we had 18 stitchers (yes, Lily is a stitcher by association) at September's meeting. That's the biggest meeting we have had this year!

2004 Holiday Party -- Mady has graciously volunteered her house for our December meeting/party. Thank you Mady.

October Retreat -- This was discussed briefly, but I have since learned that Marilyn's condo will not be available for our use. This means that we will need to find alternative housing and/or postpone the retreat until the spring. Let's discuss this at October's meeting.

Knit Out and Crochet Too -- It's just around the corner -- Sunday, September 19. As of the first week of September they were still looking for teachers. So, if you are interested I am sure they won't turn you down.

September Program
This month's program was terrific! Not only did Lauri return to the group after a long respite (albeit a very busy absence), she also taught us all how to knit back backwards. Laura actually finished the pattern without any holes. Now, that is impressive. I also saw several other works in progress -- good job ladies!

October Program
Marilyn will be teaching us how to make beads and buttons using sculpty clay. I can't wait for this -- I need some buttons for the pillows I am continually making (and giving away) and for that sweater I plan to make one day!!!

Show and Share
Show and share was a bit rushed this month, mostly because of me. I always want to see what everyone is doing, but I really must leave Hyattsville by 9:00ish to get home to Kent Island at a decent hour. I would really love to streamline this part of our meetings so that we can all relax and enjoy the programs, AND enjoy sharing our latest works of art. Any ideas?

Mady brought Lily -- the cutest reason I ever saw to put down knitting needles! But, as we all know, stitchers will stitch something, so Mady showed us a multi-colored blanket that she is knitting in the round (starting in the center).

Marilyn showed us the sweater she made for herself out of yarn that she "swapped" at last year's retreat and told us about a sweater she is working on for her granddaughter.

Lorena finished a beautiful cable cardigan, a Fun Fur scarf, and started knitting a sweater in the round using Knitting in the Round.

Jeanne showed us a lot of colorful silk and merino fleece and silk "sliver" (did I get that right?) for spinning; she also showed us several scarves including one made out of Fun Fur and Dazzle, one knit on the diagonal, which will have beads, and one that she called the "strange yarn" scarf -- she is not sure what to do with it.

Kathleen showed us a hat she made for her daughter out of wool from Vancouver, as well as a sweater, knit from sleeve to sleeve.

Valerie finished a beautiful (and tiny) vest with cap sleeves for her daughter. She found the pattern in Vogue Knitting (December 03) and began working on it in February. She also used several red and pink "stash" yarns to make a scarf for auction -- the fringe was made by leaving the ends loose on either end.

Donna R. is making sweaters for her niece who is going to have twins -- she is making two sleeves at once -- the only way to go.

Lauri and her husband took time out of their busy summer to organize her studio. In so doing, she found several projects that she is going to finish, including a multi-colored vest and sweater. She also managed to make 4 pairs of socks and many, many washcloths for her daughter.

Christine was still crocheting the shawl for her sister's wedding. And, she confessed to liking/buying UK and Australian knitting magazines! She said that she is on a pattern kick! Hum??

Donna J. is working on stash reduction by finishing one of 6 sweaters she started in February of this year, including a top down crewneck. She also told us about her success at the Montgomery County Fair -- she won 5 blue ribbons and 1 purple rosette. I bow to the master!

Dallas is working on a baby blanket that she needs to finish by September 18.

Sharon is now a top down convert. In addition to working on a v-neck t-shirt from the top down, she ripped out a sweater that she started from the bottom up so that she could work on it from the top down.

Finally, my ugly pillow has brought much joy and laughter to my friend and her family, including the family dog. Imagine what you will about a teenage cock-a-poo and a soft, fluffy, hand knit pillow, that's just about her size!!

Meeting time and room
Our meetings will start promptly at 7:30 and end at 9:00. They will be held in the youth room of Ensor Hall, lower level. Park in the lot on the side of the church and enter through the door by the playground.

The summer of 2004 is now part of history and it is time to settle down into our daily routines -- at least for the next 8 weeks or so until the holidays throw us off track again. I hope that all of you were as happy as I was about the turnout at September's meeting and continue to promote our guild to anyone who will listen.

Genia continues to send out reminders about our MMK meetings and the group that meets at Borders in Annapolis the second Monday of every month. We saw several new faces at the Borders group this week, all of whom I talked to about MMK. I hope that you are all taking similar opportunities to talk about our wonderful guild. Remember, we are a unique and varied group with many, many years of stitching experience.